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Our Philosophy

 “The Best College or University for Your Child
is Where They Will Do Their Best”

NA Consultants, Inc believes that the best college or university for your child is where they will do their best.  Our focus is to create the best match, academically and socially, between the student and the college or university.

At the very beginning of the process, NA Consultants, Inc. encourages the family to be part of the process so that realistic parameters are set for the college selection process.  From there, we work one-on-one with the student in order to establish a personal working relationship.  It is only after this process is completed that the student can make realistic decisions concerning their college selection. Through the entire process, the student works with an experienced counselor who fosters self-reflection on the part of the student.

Once this important counseling component is completed, the student is well equipped to begin the college selection process.  The student will lead the way. NA Consultants Inc., acting as the advocate and guide, will be instrumental in creating a meaningful experience.  We realize that there will be many factors outside of the students’ control or experience, and will be supportive in having the student evaluate and understand those experiences and how they will affect their future plans.

NA Consultants, Inc. believes that the student’s profile is what gets them into the college of their choice.  We assist the child in taking ownership of their own personal profile. In fact, it is the students’ life experiences that enhance their profile and ultimately make for genuine essays, recommendations and interviews.  It is with this positive approach that students realize there is a college that is the best fit for them based on their own unique and individual attributes.

Ultimately, the student who leads the way, with proper guidance in recognizing their personal needs, is the one who is happiest in college.  Remember, the best college or university for a child is where they can do their best.  It is our goal at NA Consultants, Inc. to have each student realize this mission.



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NA Consultants' President, Nicholas Amato, Jr., has vast knowledge of the college admission process gained through his distinguished career.  He has over 30 years experience in the educational and college counseling field.  His resume includes experiences as a teacher, school counselor, school administrator, special education administrator, director of guidance/counseling, college admissions counselor for St. John’s University, and as a consultant to school districts throughout Long Island and New York State. Nick is a co-developer and consultant to the CentrisGroup for GuidanceDirect a web based resource tool for school counselors.  The product is used by over 100 school districts and 1500 school counselors in New York State.  Nick is a past President of the Suffolk County Guidance Director’s Association, member of Western Suffolk Counselor’s Association, National Association of College Admissions Counselors and New York State School Counselor’s Association.   These experiences have afforded him the honor of presenting at major conferences and being a keynote speaker at various high schools concerning college information.  Due to his experiences in the college counseling field, he has had the pleasure of being on many of the most prestigious universities in America.  Nick is one of the foremost authorities on Guidance/Counseling and College Placement.

Nick holds a Bachelor of Science degree for SUNY at Buffalo, a Master of Science in Counseling and a Professional Diploma in Educational Administration, both from Long Island University.  He has been noted for his academic excellence in his studies in Educational Administration.

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