Nick Amato, JR.

Hello! I'm Nick Amato, and I've spent my entire life in education. Since 2002, NA Consultants, Inc. has provided comprehensive, personalized college choice counseling on Long Island, New York as well as educational consulting for school districts, administrators, and educators by expert academics. It's our mission to make the college application and admission process personal and painless. I've counseled thousands of students and I'd be honored to put my experience to work for your family.

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For Students

Life beyond high school is unpredictable and ever-changing. Nick's years of experience in the New York school systems along with the successful placement of hundreds of students make your counseling experience personal and practical, getting you where you're meant to be.

For Parents

You're about to make a serious investment, financially and emotionally. Gain peace of mind for your family knowing that an investment in your child now will yield satisfaction and purpose in their higher education experience.

For Educators + Administrators

Nick's vast experience led to workshops and in-service programs for students, teachers, guidance and counseling programs by experts in the field. These individuals have held top positions in their particular professional organizations, are former college admissions counselors and/or have held top educational administrative positions.



"As the founder and president of Method Test Prep, I have been helping families prepare for the ACT and SAT for 19 years. I have known and worked with Nick Amato for 10 of those years. The quality of the work he does with families preparing them for all facets of the college experience is excellent."

Tom Ehlers, Founder and President of Method Test Prep and Princeton University graduate