Better Training for Better Educators

Nick's vast experience led to workshops and in-service programs for students, teachers, guidance and counseling programs by experts in the field. These individuals have held top positions in their particular professional organizations, are former college admissions counselors and/or have held top educational administrative positions.  



  • College application overview

  • Parental role in the college application process

  • Building a sound academic and personal profile

  • Choosing the right curriculum for success

  • Financial and Scholarship information

  • Preparing for the college process

Guidance Counselor Consulting

  • Establishing a relationship with your school community

  • Public relations with colleges and universities

  • Related Guidance and Counseling technologies

  • Organization of a sound Guidance and Counseling office

  • Establishing a sound Guidance and Counseling program AND

  • Tailoring workshops based upon individual needs of the school and program


Nick has worked with school administrators and counselors all over Long Island. See how his expertise can improve your district's practices.